Real-time protein analytics for drug quality assessment has been a long held goal in the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Frequent testing is required because biopharmaceuticals are produced in living cells that often introduce unintended structural modifications that can affect efficacy and toxicity. Current testing systems are cumbersome and do not provide the throughput and real-time protein analytics that today’s rapidly growing biopharma industry desperately needs. 

Intabio is developing the Blaze™  system to address this unmet need. Intabio has utilized a proprietary microchip platform to seamlessly integrate capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF) and mass spec, two pillars of analytical methods in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. The Blaze  solution includes a bench-top instrument, microfluidic chip, reagent kit, and software. Blaze utilizes lab-on-a-chip functionality to integrate (1) separation of protein isoforms by cIEF, (2) real-time, whole-column imaging of protein isoforms for detection and quantitation, and (3) MS sample preparation and delivery of each separated isoform by electrospray into an adjacent mass spectrometer to provide molecular identity. Blaze has the flexibility to run as a stand alone for routine QC, or connected to a mass spectrometer for characterization. 

Because the Blaze system can provide an analysis of product quality in minutes and can process 100-fold more samples at a fraction of the cost of more traditional processes, Blaze delivers improved productivity, shortened analytical timelines, and reduced risk of costly therapeutic development failures. 





Intabio’s breakthrough Blaze system uniquely integrates the analytical techniques of separation, quantitation, and molecular mass determination into a seamless process. Because the Blaze instrument provides an analysis in only minutes as compared with the days or weeks required  with current technologies, biopharmaceutical scientists will be able to characterize protein drug quality in real-time and on hundreds more samples than is currently possible. By enabling the interrogation of product quality much earlier in the development process, the Blaze system provides invaluable insights for key development decisions and can reduce the risk of downstream bioproduction issues. Blaze has the flexibility to run as a stand alone for routine QC, or connected to a mass spectrometer for molecular identification.

Blaze™ Instrument

  • Bench-top
  • Stand-alone (QC mode) or direct interface to MS (Analytical mode)
  • 96-well plate with autosampler; unattended operation
  • 280 nm absorbance; whole column detection
  • Data analysis software
  • Automated pI calibration; Peak correlation with mass spectra; Data ex port

Charge Heterogeneity Assay Kit

    • 1 Microchip per kit
    • Reagents for 100 samples
    • pI Standards





    Lena Wu, Ph.D.

    CEO & President, Co-Founder

    Lena is responsible for the company’s financing, corporate and business development strategy and execution. She was previously the CEO, President and co-founder of Rogne Biosciences, a therapeutic dermatology company. Lena has extensive management experience in companies developing and commercializing microfluidic-based products. She was the Vice-President of Corporate Development of On-Q-ity, a microfluidic-based, cancer diagnostic device company, and was also the Director of Business Development at Caliper Technologies, a microfluidic platform company developing analytical instrumentation systems for life science and diagnostic markets.

    Lena has 20 years of industry experience, and has advanced the strategic objectives as an operational business consultant for emerging companies across therapeutic, diagnostic and life science sectors.  She began her business career at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, following a post-doc in yeast genetics at Harvard.


    Erik Gentalen

    CTO, Co-founder, Inventor

    Erik is the inventor of Intabio’s microfluidic-based innovations, and is responsible for advancing the technology and the overall development of the BlazeTM system. Erik has spent over 16 years developing microfluidic tools for the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. Prior to Intabio, Erik was the Director of Systems Integration at ProteinSimple where he led the R&D team developing the Simple Western capillary immunoassay from invention to launch, and also led product support for the iCE3 capillary-based IEF system. Prior to ProteinSimple, he was the Program Manager at Caliper Life Sciences, where he led the system integration for a microfluidic research system, developed chip designs for customer applications, and managed application development collaborations with pharmaceutical partners. Erik was also an early employee at Affymetrix and Combimatrix, where his responsibilities included designing instrumentation, developing synthesis methods, managing the DNA array production facility, and collaborating on novel array applications. Erik is also a registered patent agent.



    Chris MacGriff, Ph.D.

    Board Member

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    Rohit Khanna, Ph.D.

    Board Member

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    Jenny Rooke, Ph.D.

    Board Member

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    Lena Wu, Ph.D.

    CEO & President, Co-Founder

    Erik Gentalen

    CTO, Co-founder, Inventor





    Lou Dietz, M.S

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    Khushroo Gandhi, Ph.D.

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    Bill Hyun, M.S., Ph.D

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    Anne Kopf-Sill, Ph.D

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    Assay Development Scientist

    We seek a scientist with industry experience to set up and manage a sample analysis service and demo lab to introduce this powerful platform to biopharma customers. This individual will also support R&D and product development by contributing to assay development and optimization studies, and can expect to work closely with Marketing and Corporate Development personnel during customer interactions and play a key role in Intabio’s pre-sales process. The ideal candidate should be proficient in capillary electrophoresis and mass spec operation; imaged cIEF experience with biopharma samples would be a plus.


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