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Our Product

Blaze System couples imaged cIEF separations with MS mass analysis. It monitors multiple Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) in intact biotherapeutic proteins in one 15-minute assay. For the first time, generate high-resolution mass spectra directly from your charge variant peaks.

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Our Technology

Our patented microfluidic technology lets you monitor multiple CQAs in just 15 minutes. Imaged cIEF separation, electrospray ionization, and downstream MS detection are integrated into a single, seamless assay.

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Our Company

Intabio® develops transformative product quality analytical solutions that provide early product quality characterization for efficiency gains across all stages of development and manufacturing of biotherapeutic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

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Intabio is featured in NCATS' latest monthly e-newsletter

Intabio,  a Silicon Valley–based company that received funding from NCATS through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, set out to create a solution that would quickly and accurately ...

Read more » February 02, 2021
SCIEX Acquires Intabio, a developer of precision solutions for biotherapeutic analysis through imaged cIEF-MS

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, announced the closing of its acquisition of Intabio, Inc., a privately held company and the ...

Read more » January 21, 2021


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WCBP 2021
Date: January 25th-February 4th, 2021
Location: Virtual Event

The Special Edition of WCBP will be a fully virtual meeting with eight half-day sessions spread over two weeks. The pandemic-focused session will be organized around the many considerations for ...

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Blaze CIEF-MS Webinar Presented by Intabio and Hosted by SCIEX
Date: October 8, 2020, 11am EST, 8am PST, 4pm BST
Location: Online

  Webinar Description:  In order to bring safe, effective protein therapeutics to market, in particular next generation molecules, biopharma development scientists need to analyze critical quality ...

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Our goal is to develop analytical systems that will enable scientists to accelerate the delivery of biotherapeutics to patients. Be part of the team that brings an innovation mindset to every aspect of achieving this goal.

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