Rohit Khanna Ph.D.

In 1981, Dr. Khanna co-founded Dynamic Solutions, a software-engineering firm dedicated to providing computing solutions to the scientific and engineering community. His company’s PC-based data management software product was a true innovation and became a leader in transitioning the analytical instrument industry to automated system control and data analysis. Dynamic Solutions was acquired by Waters in 1986.

Dr. Khanna then went on to manage Waters’ successful data product business, including the development of Millennium – now Empower – currently the leading chromatography data software product for highly regulated pharmaceutical applications and accounting for over $1B in overall sales. In the late 90’s, Dr. Khanna managed Waters’ Service Business evolving it to expand into professional services, regulatory support and customer education, and becoming Waters’ single largest business.

Dr. Khanna was then appointed to Vice President, Worldwide Marketing for Waters in 2002, where he was responsible for driving overall product direction, market development, brand and product management, and marketing communication. In 2016, Dr. Khanna was promoted to Senior Vice-President managing several of Waters’ key businesses – Informatics, Service, and Chemistry – along with participating on the Corporate Executive Committee.

Dr. Khanna retired from Waters Corporation at the end of 2017 but stays closely connected to the industry, participating on several Boards and providing Strategic Advisory services.