Intabio has developed a proprietary microchip protein analytics platform, the Blaze™ system, to seamlessly integrate cIEF with MS analysis, thereby reducing the time delay and infrastructure needs required to identify protein isoforms. The Blaze system is comprised of a bench-top instrument, microfluidic chip, and reagent kit. Blaze utilizes microchip functionality to integrate (1) separation of protein isoforms by isoelectric focusing, (2) real-time whole column imaging of protein isoforms by 280nm for detection and quantitation, and (3) MS sample preparation and delivery of each separated isoform by electrospray into an adjacent mass spectrometer to provide molecular identity. 



Intabio provides an analytical platform to transform and accelerate the development of biotherapeutic drugs by enabling early product quality characterization and producing profound efficiency gains across all stages of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

The development and manufacturing of biologics requires high levels of monitoring and testing due to the fact that antibody and recombinant protein drugs are produced in living cells that often introduce unintended structural modifications that can affect efficacy and toxicity. Current testing systems are cumbersome and do not provide the throughput and real-time protein analytics that today’s rapidly growing biopharma industry desperately needs.  Intabio was founded to address this critical issue in protein analytics and our solution is based on a decade’s worth of deep customer insights and needs.  We are developing the BlazeTM system to address the acute pain in biologics product development and manufacturing.

Our first product will provide rapid and direct identification of the subtle protein modifications - modifications that can undermine the stability and efficacy of biotherapeutic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Intabio’s proprietary microfluidics-based technology provides an easy to use, robust and rapid, analytical platform to separate, quantitate, and seamlessly transfer separated proteins by electrospray to an adjacent mass spectrometer for molecular identification.