Intabio’s patented microfluidic technology makes it all possible

Intabio’s proprietary microfluidic chip is the driving technology enabling cIEF-MS analysis of intact biologics. The microfluidic chip in conjunction with a Blaze instrument will separate charge variants by capillary isoelectric focusing, enable UV quantitation and perform electrospray ionization (ESI) directly into a mass spectrometry for further mass analysis.

Integrating multiple analytical functions

Once focusing is complete, an electrolyte is introduced via a side channel to re-ionize the charge variants and the electric field is re-oriented to initiate the mobilization of the peaks toward the electrospray “ESI” tip. This novel mobilization process ensures that peak resolution is maintained until the ESI tip is reached. Near the ESI tip, a second channel introduces a mobilizer to enable ESI and ionization efficiency.

True imaged cIEF separations 

To monitor peaks during separation and peak mobilization, the entire length of the 50-mm separation channel is imaged in real time at 280nm. Imaging during separation speeds method development and visualization of peak mobilization ensures accurate peak-mass correlation.


Once the sample analysis is complete, the Blaze system automatically washes the chip prior to the introduction of the next sample.

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